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Meet Brook, the service dog in training • Benefits of taking summer classes • Musical Ladder Achievements • Teachers with waiting lists • Summer Recital highlights • Spring session exams results • Mark your calendar • Welcome New Students • Refer your friend and win 4 tickets to Canada’s Wonderland

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Meet Brook, the service dog in training.

Hello, My name is Brook and I’m a service dog in training for Autism Dog Services Canada. I’m half retriever, half black lab and almost a year old! Right now I’m in school, and learning to be more patient and disciplined the older I get. I work hard everyday in the hopes that one day I will become an Autism service dog for a little boy or girl who needs me. I love music and kids, it makes me so happy to hear you play and when you say Hi to me, just please remember to ask before you touch me!

Brook is planning on learning an instrument this summer.
Why don’t you! Let us help you unlock your musical

What are the Benefits of Taking Summer Classes?

Fun and Motivating – Summer is the perfect time to break 
from the routing and help the student learn music of their choice whether it be a song they heard on the radio or a challenging classical piece.
Greater Focus – Without the worries of homework, sports games and practices, and other school-time activities, the students can devote time and attention to their summer music lessons and practice. Better focus leads to better practice!
Time for Something New – Many of our students show interest in learning an additional instrument during the school year. Summer is the best time to try out a new instrument.
• No Backtracking – When students take a full summer break from their instruments, it only means one thing – time to backtrack in the Fall! Everyone knows that saying, “If you don’t use it, you lose it.” This is true in all disciplines including learning how to play an instrument. Instead of backing tracking for the first month or two in the Fall, our students use their summer music lessons to keep making progress.

Celebrating Student Achievement • The Musical Ladder System®

London Piano Lessons with
Suzanne Kovac

mississauga beginner piano classes

Kevin Piano Lessons with
Svetlana Kulyova

mississauga piano classes

Rohan Guitar Lessons with
Jukka Lomakin

guitar lessons for beginners mississauga

Jessica Violin lessons with
Augustin Simoni

mississauga violin classes

Mark your calendar

Canada Day – July 1,2 Closed
Theory Exams Summer session – August 11,12
Practical exams Summer session – August 14-26

Welcome new students

Isabella D
Evelyn L
Annie W
Chloe X
Aryan T
Tom N
Laura C
Adriana D
Christine C
Nazar E
Nicole D
Leandro S
Carlos S
Emma D
Sophia V
Arihan M
Dia K
Ayana M
Olivia L
Aidan Y
Max Z
Stefan P
Stacey-Ann P
Eric L
Emily L
Genevieve S
Sopheia W
Antonious W
Catherine J
Jasmine J
Lisa L
Ray Y
Sahiti D
Grace Z
Vanessa L
Felix Z
Antonella C
Ashley R
Sneha S
John S
Sarah S

Is your teacher fully booked?

Mississauga Acoustic guitar classes

Many teachers are fully booked. If you need a schedule change or would like to be added to a waiting list for a particular teacher, day or time, please contact us and we can add you to the waiting list. There are still limited lessons spots available. To inquire about openings in January 2017 send an e-mail to or call us 905-276-0521.
Here’s a partial list of who’s currently full:

Svetlana Filipova: All days SOLD OUT
Augustin Simoni: Only one spot left
Augustin Simoni: Only two spots left
Michelle De Carmo All days SOLD OUT
Nikhil Shetty: Only three spots left
Olga Frolova: Only two spots left
Svetlana Filipova: All days SOLD OUT
Nadia Redkina: All days SOLD OUT
Monica Vichar: All days SOLD OUT
Lesya Kostinyuk: All days SOLD OUT
Suzanne Kovac: All days SOLD OUT
Mariana Caljkusic: All days SOLD OUT
Tatiana Kulinchenko: All days SOLD OUT two spots left
Toshio Hirasawa: only three spots left
Vilija Valiuskis: All days SOLD OUT two spot left
Svetlna Kulyova: All days SOLD OUT two spots left
Jukka Lomakin: All Days SOLD OUT
Nikhil Shetty: Only two spots left
Michael Grosman: Only two spots left
Savic Panylyk: Only two spot left
Nikhil Shetty: Only two spots left

Summer Recital Highlights!

This year we ran 11 successful recitals at Living Arts Centre Mississauga with 453 participants. We are very proud of each and every student who performed at the recitals. Our big thanks to all students, teachers and parents for sharing your passion and love for music. We are looking forward to see all students’ performances at our next recital.

Congratulations to all school students who successfully passed their practical and theory exams with great results this spring.

Bernadette Antonio 80 Level 10 piano, Alexander Belokurov 72 Level 8 theory, Curtis Francis Chan 75 Level 6 piano, Chloe Chan 86 Level 1 piano, Wei Yu Chen 88 Level 1 Piano, Sepehr Dabbagh 74 Level 5 piano, Aisha Germinal 81 Level 1 piano, Molly Lembo 87 Level 1 piano, Jordan Lin 82 Level 8 theory, Emily Mao 82 Level 8 theory, Zi-Kang (Jason) Mu 93 Level 8 theory, Vyllana Nguyen 72 Level 9 violin, Ashley Nham 77 Level 4 piano, Jaden Nixon 91 Level 8 theory, Justine Pascual 88 Level 6 theory, Michelle Ratnaraj 94 Level 5 theory, David Santoso 83 Level 1 piano, Veer Sheth 70 Level 7 piano, Pree Skembaris-Best 85 Level 6 piano, Grant Ren 73 Level 10 Harmony & Counterpoint, Ethan Sum 77 Level 10 Harmony & Counterpoint, Ethan Sum 88 Level 9 piano, Kriti Srinivasababu 95 Preparatory Voice, Vanessa Lai 94 Level 6 theory

Thank You for Your Referrals!

A BIG THANK YOU to several individuals, for referring their friends to Pianos Plus School of Music! It’s wonderful to have such strong supporters who spread the word about PPSM in the Mississauga community! We’d like to give a special shout out to the Garton Family, Fu Family, Uroda Femily, Rhoden Family, Legacy Family, Shen Femily, Romaniv Family, Ning Family, Teng Family, Babarajan Family, and Shao Family, THANK YOU!!!

Contest ends July 15th

Refer your friend to the Pianos Plus School of Music
between May 10 – July 15, 2017 if one of your friend sings up for lessons:
• You will get your choice of $25 Amazon Card, $25 Movie Card or Free  Lesson.
• Your friend will get a FREE $25 registration
• You and your friend will be entered in our draw to win 4 passes to Canada’s Wonderland, with parking ! You don’t have to be a School student to enter the contest!

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