• My older daughter had a pleasure of learning about music from great teachers at Piano Plus School of music for 4 years. We are very happy with her progress and considering that neither of us has any talent or knowledge in that area, we are astounded by her achievement so far. The atmosphere is very pleasant and relaxed, staff and management are extremely acomodating and friendly…but most important…teachers are very knowledgable and have a great way with kids. We would never go anywhere else. Our younger daughter is now old enough to start playing an instrument and we know just where to go! Thank you Piano Plus School of music for wonderful 4 years Boris & Mirela Vojnovic

by Boris & Mirela Vojnovic, Mississauga

  • Pianos Plus School of Music is a wonderful place for our kids to be. The teachers are very knowledgeable and professional. They teach with tremendous patience and a positive attitude. I would definitely recommend it to my friends.

by Oxana Stanislavskaya, Brampton 

  • I took piano lessons myself for many years when I was a kid, so I had a good idea of what I was looking for in musical instruction for my children. We were referred to Pianos Plus by a friend at work, and we have been here now seven years. Both our kids play piano, and they have different teachers in the same time slot, which is very convenient. All the teachers are very experienced and have been teaching here for many years. We noticed there is no turnover of the teachers, which speaks to the excellent environment provided to both the students and the teachers who work here. 
    Pianos Plus has a huge selection of books, so you can try out books before you purchase; they are open every day except Sunday, so they can accommodate students’ busy schedules; they hold an annual recital, and their students participate in competitions and exams; and mostly, the management is extremely friendly and patient with parents and students alike. 
    No wonder they have been in business over 30 years!

    by Jumi Shin, Mississauga


   Dear PianoPlus friends

  • I wanted to send you a brief note expressing our sincere appreciation and thanks for the time you have spent over the recent years teaching our two children all about the musical rainbow.
    We really appreciate the education in music that you provided them, especially because we are not a particularly musical family. For us as parents, to see our son playing in the concerts, read his music, play his guitar and learn all about the places and peoples of the world through your teaching, has been such a great thrill for us. We know that they have learnt so much from you (without even realising it) and that the musical knowledge and skills they now possess, will always be with them.
    We have always admired your teaching style and the great patience that you show with all of the children in your classes. You have made a lasting and very positive impression on our family and we now like to think that we are not quite as much the non-musical family we once were. We hope that you continue to teach your music to the young people in our community for many more years to come.
    Our very best regards, and thanks once again. 
    We will always recommend your school to our friends and family because there is no words that can describe how  wonderful you all are.

     by Marija an Dejan Dokic, Mississauga


  • Pianos Plus is a very reputable school for music learning; has a very friendly and talented staff; very welcoming at all times; teachers are hardworking and diligent not forgetting very accommodating.Our son, Andrew attended the school from year 2000 until approximately 2011 and is now qualified to be a music teacher.  Our daughter, Neena started at age 7 and is a current Level 8 student.  She has a truly dedicated music teacher; both our children enjoyed their lessons and were successful in gaining very good grades in both the Peel Music Festival (PMF) and the Royal Conservatory Music (RCM) exams.

   We are delighted to be a part of Pianos Plus Music Centre.

   Thank you.

   by Annie and Roy Gunpat,  Mississauga


  • My kids have attended here for 8 years. I love how the owner knows my family and our names. We are not just another customer to them. My kids have had the same teachers since we’ve been here. I think there is much to be said about low staff turn over. It means that this is a place where people want to work and happy teachers have happy students!

   Thank you!!!

   by Vivian,  Mississauga


  • My daughter had Guitar lessons at this school. I did Piano and now my grandchild will be taking Piano classes at this school. The teachers are very professional and friendly. I highly recommend this music school.

   by Elsie,   Mississauga


  • I was taught piano here for about 10 years, and I really enjoyed learning with the friendly staff. It’s a great place overall.

    by Dorothy,   Mississauga


  • This is a very good school. The teachers are professional and the staff is friendly and accommodating. I recommend the school.

    by Sin,   Mississauga


  • Ms. Nadia has played a large role in building my knowledge and love for music. Especially since I started at a young age, her kindness, support, and nurturing character had an impact on the way I approached many other tasks growing up. I can honestly say that, without Ms. Nadia, I wouldn’t have gained the love for all types of music I have now. I also would not have had the courage to get involved in music and non-music activities throughout high school and University. I just want to thank Ms. Nadia for giving me so much more than piano lessons and I thank Pianos Plus for facilitating such exemplary music  education.

     by Andrew Gunpat,  Mississauga


  • I started taking lessons at Pianos Plus when I was in grade 6. Since then, I have learned to play the piano and guitar, and, more importantly, music has become an integral part of my life. I cannot thank Pianos Plus’ incredible staff for their dedication and contagious enthusiasm.

     Best wishes,

     by Simo Pajovic,  Mississauga




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